Report on SAB UA Activities in 2023

One more year of fight for Ukraine passed. The year was very productive due to your support. We appreciate the support of everyone.

In 2023, the team of SAB UA provided the Armed Forces of Ukraine with: 11 ambulances, 17 trucks, 11 off-road vehicles, 9 minibuses, 11 pickups, 2 cars, 3 boats, 6 trailers, and 1 loader.
We delivered 4789 units of equipment including drones 17 pcs, Bluetti solar generators – 25 pcs, defibrillators 15 pcs, stretchers – 38 pcs, medications – 1670 pcs. Clothes, shoes, warmers, tactical food sets – 1525 pcs. And also 5 night vision devices, 3 EW dome systems, 50 reset systems for drones and “candies” for them.

We spent UAH 1 729 000 to repair the vehicles (for the doctors of the 3rd Assault brigade, doctors of the 4th Tank division, a special unit of the Secret Service of Ukraine and 48th Separate Assault Brigade ).

In 2023, we supported the Armed Forces of Ukraine for € 1.405 mln.

We continue our work.


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