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Vehicle Repair Parts

Help the Armed Forces of UkraineAssistance in Purchasing Repair Parts for Vehicles for the 1st Brigade, 3rd Assault BrigadeOleksii Ponomarenko:“Greetings, dear friends. In May, we spent 55,134 UAH on repairs, maintenance, and painting. Additionally, our friends from SAB UA covered parts worth 11,404 UAH. During the same month, we received...

Photo Report of Boryslav Bereza’s Charity Auction

Friends, Thank You to Everyone Who Joined Our Charity Auction on May 17, 2024, in Tallinn! We have prepared a photo report from the event - look for yourself in the photos by photographer Sergei Fridman and share your impressions! 📸We are incredibly grateful to our partners for their active...

Creative Auction by Boryslav Bereza – May 17, 2024, in Tallinn

 👇Boryslav Bereza Creative Auction - May 17, 2024, in TallinnBoryslav Bereza. Yes, the same PACE deputy who chased Skabeeva around the European Parliament, teaching her the Ukrainian anthem and good manners. If you have forgotten, Google it and enjoy those wonderful videos once more. Boryslav is also an MP of...

Report of the event LOTTERY No. 7

Charity lottery to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU).A unique New Year's lot was given away. There won't be any more like it.The manga The Ghost of Kyivand a poster with two autographs of Valerii Zaluzhnyi! (more…)

Repair of medical evacuation vehicles.

Help to the Armed Forces of UkraineRepair of vehicles for the 1st Assault Brigade of the 3rd Separate Assault BrigadeOleksii Ponomarenko:"Slava Ukraini! Wish you all the best on the upcoming holidays! Thank you all for your help to our unit. (more…)