Report of the event LOTTERY No. 11: “Iron General” T-shirt with Zaluzhny’s Autograph

“The Iron General… I wanted to start with the usual phrase, “So, today we have a unique lot,” but I realized that all our lots are unique. And here we are again. Today, we have yet another unique lot: a t-shirt with a portrait of Zaluzhnyi and his autograph, brought by Boryslav Bereza. Signed personally in his presence, especially for us. That is, for you. It’s hard to estimate its value because it’s one-of-a-kind, but such artifacts typically go for thousands, around one and a half thousand euros at auctions.

And you have a chance to win it for 25 euros! Or 1000 hryvnias.


To participate in the lottery, you needed to transfer 25 euros or 1000 hryvnias to the SAB UA account.

Twenty-five euros equals one entry. The number of entries is unlimited. For example, for 100 euros, you get four separate numbers. Accordingly, your chances increase.”

Arkadii Babchenko

So, the t-shirt with Zaluzhnyi’s autograph raised – attention – seven thousand euros for the Armed Forces of Ukraine! A fantastic result. There was a lot of excitement. A total of 173 entries participated.

And the winner is – ta-da! – Oleksandr from Munich, who bought four entries. This strategy works.

Congratulations, Oleksandr!